zaterdag 27 februari 2010

vrijdag 26 februari 2010

donderdag 25 februari 2010



Found my studded vest again! I was searching for ages. And all the sudden while I was surfing through the internet, the place where it was popped in to my head. Good gosh I found it again!


dinsdag 23 februari 2010

Old times, fun times..

Last year pictures. Queensday, summer, bloomendaal, the mailcompany, Vienna's second birthday and more.
Starring: my love, my daughter, my brother, andmy bff's.

zondag 21 februari 2010

Coolcat outfit.

This is what I wore at work.
We just got a cute Betty boop line in store.
The line is full of tee's and a hoodie with a black and white leopard print.
I personally wouldn't wear it all the time, because I'm a basic girl.
But for the change once in a while,
these are some cute tee's.
What do you think about the tee?

Casual, summer feeling.

Surprise party!

I had a surprise party, saturday night.
I was wearing a silk jumpsuit with a strong shoulderd blazer.

donderdag 18 februari 2010

I want to wear this..

How much I want to wear this oufit? I want sunny weather, no more snow. I don't want to be cold, I want to get warmed by the sun. Wear my sunglasses, drink some good drinks. Have good food at the beach. Do some more boat trips. See my daughter swim in the sea.
What's your ultimate summer feeling?

Kimberley K.

zondag 14 februari 2010

Having a family dinner.

She and her tiara can't B seperated.

Saturday's outfit.

Yesterday I was celebrating my brother's 20th birthday. I had fun that night. It wasn't crowded or something but just fun people and funny conversations.
After my brother's birthday we went to my home with two friends and had a little drink. We had some good conversations about work and all.
It was a good night.
Thanks broertje, xo