zondag 5 april 2009

A serious sunday.

Some days aren't much as fun as others. There are days when I think just half as much as today. Today I didn't want to share my outfit. Today I wanted to share my thoughts. I had a lot today. I realised that happiness isn't some thing that happends every day. To me is happiness, a matter of time. Without my daughter that makes me laugh every single day, or without my boyfriend that brings a smile on my face, just when I think of him. I wouldn't be this happy as I feel, right now. Good gosh, yet again, I realised how much I love these two bumble bees. I couldn't be without them. I need them, just to get trough the day. Just to realize how happy I am, at this moment. I love them for who they are. My daughter for her joy, happiness and love she gives me. And my boyfriend for being what I ever wished for.

This post is dedicated to the people I simply adore.
Vienna and Chiel.

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