donderdag 23 april 2009

She is my all.

The journey we all ready made with just the two of us. Is a big journey, way too big for such a little girl. I will do anything just to see her smile. The way she looks at me and tells me that everything is gonna be okay. I can remember when she was in my tummy and I was having a rough time. We went to the hospital to see if everything was okay. They showed me a picture of her. It was a picture where she had her thumbs up. Right from the begining I knew she was special, but that event made her more special to me. I love her, so much. It's unconditional. I'm proud of her, in every inch.

this blog is dedicated to you.
Much love mommy.

6 opmerkingen:

Estelle zei

Super mooi meisje meid!

dee-lm zei

Wat een lieve compliment vind ik dat! Dankjewel!


Mariska zei

Echt heel lief om te lezen dit! Je dochtertje & jij zijn allebei heel mooi!

Sarah zei

Aaah, echt ZO cute!

dee-lm zei

Onwijs lief meisjes!


Angelina zei

Wat een super mooi meisje! Echt heel cute deze foto.

Jij doet mij denken aan een vriendin van mij heel grappig!